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You do not have to break the bank trying to look nice. Make-up can become expensive at department stores and hair dyes, accessories, and other products don’t have to come from a salon to be effective.

If you have a blind date coming soon, or a special event sneaking up on you and you just don’t have the right shade of eye shadow to go with your outfit you can always improvise. Most department stores offer make-over’s with no appointment. Slap on your evening outfit, clean your face of any other cosmetics, and head over to your local department store. You can get the full facial, choose your specific colors, and be done in less than fifteen minutes.

Don’t be bias when it comes to generic perfumes. These ‘off-brands’ can equal big savings and usually provide more sprays for your money. The scents are usually close equals and no one will know the difference.

Do not let your old hair stylist scare you out of buying a box of hair coloring. Buying hair dye from a specialty salon will only cost you more. You get a good and equal quality product of hair dye when you purchase a box from a retail store. As long as you follow the directions you are set for the maximum amount of time that most salon hair dye’s offer.

Don’t spend hundreds on a one day spa treatment when you can buy a bath conversion kit for much less. Retail stores offer bath jet’s for spa quality massages in your own bathtub. Most cost less than fifty dollars and come with a warranty.

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