The Money-Saving Party
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If you are like me you enjoy the get-togethers friends; it can’t be compared to too many things. Being with those you care about and having a great time doing it can be an excellent way of releasing the stresses of the week and just letting loose. Nights out on the town usually start at a restaurant, travel through a movie, and then end up at a fancy bar/club to enjoy a few drinks and laughs. The only problem with this weekly venture with friends is the cost. We all love our friends but we also prefer not being broke throughout the week. Times are getting tougher and money is getting tighter and this equals to a necessity of saving money.

The great part of saving is the potential of using your creativity to revamp the usual good-times into a cheaper version of the same great times. Planning on a budget friendly alternative to your usual nights-out are a great option (unless you are lucky enough to have one special friend who has more money than everyone combined and can float all of you, every weekend, for the remainder of the year). Activities at home are always less expensive than going out and by doing this you are saving money that you can use towards the meals, beverages, and other evening activities. A game of charades, a bottle (or two) of some great wine, and a group of your best friends can make for a night that you’ll remember for a long time. Use your imagination and creativity to come up with some good ideas for weather-appropriate activities. Ask around the group to see who has an updated Wii system, see if anyone has a transferable volleyball net, have your BFF bring her folding ping-pong table for a sweet all-night tournament; the options can get really sweet once you start recognizing all of the items and options that you have on hand.

You do not have to make a point to advertise the reason for bringing the hang-outs to your pad, just initiate the first gathering, make the date and set it at your pad, ask around for some entertainment gear (ex: mini karaoke machine), put together a beverage ‘fund’ or make it a BYOB get-together, buy some dollar-store streamers, have your BFF help you whip up some cheap dishes and finger-foods and then have a sweet night with friends. This initiation may provoke the next friend to offer the next weekend of activities at their pad, and so on and so on. Saving money can be a blast; and being people you care about is always a win-win situation.

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Plan a Cheap Date
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There’s nothing more exciting than the development of a new relationship – but before you know it, the cost of all those romantic evenings can add up. After dinner and a movie (since when is it $20 to go to the movies?!), and flowers and chocolates (if you’re lucky), you might be feeling like Cupid’s arrow has pierced your wallet, not your heart. But don’t worry – it is possible to woo the love of your life without going into debt to cover your expenses.

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