Finding Fashionable Clothing on a Budget
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Even though you may not be able to afford the latest fashions, there’s no reason to run around wearing worn, out-of-date clothing! Fashion isn’t just about the label on the tag – you may be able to use certain trimmings, colors, and fabric types to create the impression of being fashionable without blowing your budget.

Making Used Clothes Fashionable

First, if you want to look stylish, you’ll need to study fashionable clothes in order to determine what it is that makes the item trendy. Whether it’s the addition of sequins, beads, or sashes, you should be able to find these items in craft stores, sewing supply sites online, as well as clearance and discount outlets. Next, check out your local second-hand store for used clothing items that are basic in structure without a lot of design elements – these will provide the foundation for your own fashionable creations.

Making your own trendy t-shirts is a perfect place to start. You could easily pay $50 for a rhinestone embellished t-shirt in a pricey boutique, or you could make your own for less than $10. As you look through used clothes, choose pieces that are solid colored and with no designs on them. From there, all you’ll need to do is add whatever trimmings or designs you want to the garment. If this includes screen prints, you may even be able to find useful pictures online that you can print onto iron-on paper and transfer to your shirt.

Make Your Own Clothes

If you’re handy with a sewing machine, you’ll be able to save some major money on your clothing budget. There are always fabrics on clearance and you’ll find that pattern companies like McCalls and Simplicity do a great job of putting out beautiful, stylish clothing patterns. If you don’t know how to sew garments, check to see if your local sewing store offers classes or call seamstresses in your area to see if they’d be willing to give lessons.

Off-Season Purchases

Good bargain shoppers already know that you can take advantage of huge clearance sales at the end of a season. Unfortunately, if a particular design was trendy this year, it probably won’t be anymore by the time next year rolls around. Therefore – just like with used clothing – you should try to find garments that are plain, but easily modified or items in classic styles and cuts that will always look fashionable, regardless of current trends and styles.

Discount Outlets

If you love a bargain, the outlet mall is a beautiful thing. Even if you have to drive an hour or so to reach the nearest one, the availability of different sales and discounts in these locations is well worth your time. As with shopping end-of-season clearance sales, you’ll want to buy pieces that can be modified later so that you don’t get stuck in last year’s trends. Also, be sure to thoroughly check every garment you plan to purchase carefully before buying – many outlet stores offer defective clothing at a highly discounted price in addition to regular merchandise.

Even though you may look at some used or discounted garments and dismiss them immediately as not fashionable, they may still have some value. In particular, if they can easily be updated with the addition of accents, you could find yourself looking fashionable for a fraction of the price. Get into the habit of looking beyond your first impressions and you’ll find a whole new world of budget style options at your fingertips.

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