Plan a Cheap Date
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There’s nothing more exciting than the development of a new relationship – but before you know it, the cost of all those romantic evenings can add up. After dinner and a movie (since when is it $20 to go to the movies?!), and flowers and chocolates (if you’re lucky), you might be feeling like Cupid’s arrow has pierced your wallet, not your heart. But don’t worry – it is possible to woo the love of your life without going into debt to cover your expenses.

For inexpensive romance, nothing beats a picnic. You can hold a picnic anywhere – in a city park, near a river, in the woods, on a mountain top or even indoors if weather conditions thwart your plans. Get creative – natural beauty is nice, but a spot that has special significance for you two works as well. You’ll need a blanket and a basket full of snacks. Popular options include wine, fancy cheese and fresh fruit, but juice, Cheetos and fruit snacks can be just fine if the atmosphere is right. Carve out a few hours and spend them lying on your blanket enjoying each other’s company. Bonus points awarded for reading poetry to your beloved.

If you’ve got a few dollars to spare, check out a local museum or zoo. Search the internet for listings near you – museums are just found in big cities any more. If you know your sweetheart has a passion for art, nothing beats a trip to a local exhibit. If you love classic cars and happen to live near an auto museum, use the trip as an opportunity for your partner to get to know you and your passions. Remember your grade school field trips? Relive your memories with a visit to a petting zoo, a working farm or any other local attraction you loved as a child.

Depending on the season, you may be able to find a free local fair or festival in your area. Many communities host summer festivals with live musicians, sidewalk sales and other activities – check your local newspaper or community website to learn more. If you happen to live near a university, you’re in luck. Most colleges host guest lecturers and musicians whose events are free and open to the public. Check the school’s website for more details.

Check your favorite places for special discounts available for preferred members or on certain days and times. If you’re a movie buff who can’t afford the tickets, see if your favorite theatre offers matinee pricing or reduced prices for some shows. The Showcase Cinema near my house has $5 tickets for Tuesday matinees – roughly half of the regular ticket price! After the show, my fiancé and I will head to Chipotle and get one burrito – definitely big enough for two people to share. The whole evening comes in at just over $15 – not bad for a full night of fun.

So don’t despair if you’re relationship isn’t all diamonds and five-course dinners. Chances are your sweetie will appreciate the thought and care you’ve put into your plans, regardless of how much the date costs.

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